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We understand, that as a graduate, you’ll be searching for a graduate scheme that fits you and your ambitions best. And, there’ll be certain boxes you’ll be looking to tick. Like what you’ll be paid, where you’ll be based, what training and development opportunities you can expect and, no doubt much more...

Of course, we’ll answer all of these questions for you. But we think it’s important to give you an idea of some of the other criteria we think are important to your choice too. Things that you’ll either identify with and be attracted to, or you won’t.

After all we believe, with good reason, that we are very different to many other graduate schemes out there. These are just some of the reasons why.


Every successful business has to start somewhere. And, usually that humble corner shop or market stall grows and expands over the years to such an extent that it loses its personal touch. It forgets its initial purpose and all the values it once held so dear.

Not us.

We are still owned and run by the same Wilkinson family that opened the very first Wilko store, back in 1930. And, this consistency of ownership has helped to create a clear Wilko identity, a real sense of belonging and a set of values that we all share.

Our values

These aren’t just plucked out of thin air. These are what make us who we are. They are guiding principles to how we live, work and treat each other. So, you need to ask yourself, as a Wilko graduate, what they will mean to you.

Shape our future – you can play a lead role here, through developing your own potential and that of others.

Show passion – demonstrate your desire to be the best you can be – for yourself, your team and Wilko.

Pull together – we are united in vision and purpose. Join us and together we can achieve great things.

Be unique – you can be amazing, just by adding your character and personality to the mix.

Make it fun – enjoy what you do every day. We want you to have fun and celebrate success.


Each graduate programme has it’s own individual structure and training plan that you’ll follow. But, in addition we also have a very clear view on how we support our people to develop and grow within Wilko as a whole.

Quite simply, we’re big believers in promoting from within. And, this is backed up by the fact that a lot of our senior managers started their career with us on the shop floor. We’re also totally committed to investing in everyone’s potential and have structures in place to help you progress and improve.

So, if you’re ambitious, talented and hardworking, there’s no limit to your potential. We’ll help you to identify your strengths and work with you to develop a career path that best suits your talents. Our size and scope offers plenty of opportunity - enough to satisfy even the highest achieving souls. It will also enable you to move upwards, sideways or diagonally, at the pace you choose.

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